Florida Counselor License Requirements

There is a set of detailed regulations that counseling professionals must fulfill before being issued with Florida counselor license. These regulations apply to mental health counselors and school counselors.

To apply for Florida counseling license, you’ll need to complete graduate education, pass an exam and gain supervised practice. Licensing in the state will make you a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and earn you a counseling credential as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Educational Requirements for Florida Counselor License

Applicants for licensure to practice as licensed professional counselors in Florida are expected to have earned a graduate degree, at least a Master’s degree through a CACREP accredited program.

Unlike in other counseling specialties, the degree should be on mental health counseling, comprised of coursework in substance abuse and human sexuality as well as core content areas.

Practicum and Supplementary Educational Requirements  

Applicants who wish to practice as professional counselors in Florida will have to complete 1000 hours of internship or practicum during the their degree program. This must not be less than 280 of direct counseling hours, which must include individual supervision of not less than one hour per week.

Additional class work will be required on the area of rules and laws, medical error prevention, psychopathology abnormal psychology and 2 hour classwork on domestic violence as well as 3 hours on HIV/AIDS. The instruction must be pursued within six months of obtaining Florida counselor license.

Intern Status Application Process

You’ll need to submit an application and obtain an approval from the Department of Health in Florida before you can begin working as an intern. You can download your intern application form here

You’ll also need to provide proof that you have completed your degree and covered the required course in the core content areas as well as additional classwork as stated above.

Your application should also include details regarding your educational background and work history as well as attestation to your professional fitness, ethics and health history.

An application fee of $150 is required

Click here to register and access Florida counselor license application form

Requirements for Supervised Experience

Once you’ve obtained approval as an intern, you can go ahead and commence your supervised work practice. You’ll be required to complete no less than 1500 hours of supervised work practice, half of which must be face to face client work in a clinical mental health environment.

Your supervised work experience must be completed within two years.

Examination Requirements for Florida Counselor License

To obtain Florida counselor license, you’ll need to take a National Counselor Examination administered by the National Board for Certified counselors. There are over 170 testing centers around the country including nine in Florida and you can schedule the test at any of them.

Requirements for Counselor Continuing Education

Periodic renewal of your Florida counselor license will be required which must be supported by credits of continuing education. In this case, you’ll need to accrue 30 hours of continuing education within phase of 2 years. Two of those hours must be in medical errors while three will have to be in ethics and boundary issues. Further, you’ll need to complete a two hour domestic violence classwork every six years.

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