How to Become a Licensed Counselor in Michigan

Professional Licensed Counselor in Michigan
Licensed Counselor in Michigan

There are several requirements that you need to fulfill before you can become a licensed counselor in Michigan. These include educational, examination and supervised experience.

The main aim of the requirements is to ensure you’re fully equipped with expertise and necessary skills to serve the people of Michigan. It’s important to note that when it comes to credentials, the state of Michigan has only one level of licensing – the Licensed Professional Counselor.

According to Michigan Board of Counseling, the body that regulates counseling licensure in Michigan, professionals pursuing counseling licensure must earn a master of counseling degree. The candidate must pass background check, attain necessary hours of supervised experience and take National Counselor Examination through the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). Further, a candidate for licensure must apply to the board to receive his or her credential as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

Educational Requirements to Become a Licensed Counselor in Michigan

To be eligible for licensing as a counselor in Michigan, you’ll be required to earn a graduate degree of not less than 48 semester hours of course work. This may either be in counseling or student personnel work.

The coursework that you need to complete will have to be in areas such as, counseling techniques, career development, consulting and counseling philosophy. Others include counseling theories, professional ethics, research methodology, testing procedures and group techniques.

Supervised Experience Requirements

Supervised experience is required before you can become a professional and licensed counselor in Michigan. That means you’ll have to work under supervision. You’ll however need to achieve limited licensure status before you can get to accrue experience hours.

The total number of hours you require will depend on your level of education. Those who only have a master’s will have to accrue 3,000 hours within a period of two years. For a master’s holder who has completed over 30 hours of coursework, completion of 1,500 hours over a period of not less than one year is required. The supervision must be under someone who is trained to provide supervision.

Examination Requirement for a Licensed Counselor in Michigan

If you have already obtained a degree in counseling or fields related to counseling, you’ll need to register for National Counselor Examination (NCE). This is the most commonly used exam for licensing of professional counselors across the United States. Registration forms are available for download from National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) site. You can also access a registration form from the Michigan Board of Counseling website.

You’ll need to send an original copy of your transcript form together with the signed registration form to the assessment department of NBCC, with an enclosed fee of $ 195 to PO Box 7407, Greensboro, NC 27417 – 0407.

It can take up to one month for the NBCC to process your registration, after which you can schedule your exam with approved test administrators.  There are three testing centers in Michigan and you may schedule your test in any of them. These include Grand Rapids area, Flint and the greater Detroit area.

For rehabilitation counselors and holders of degrees in related fields, the appropriate exam is the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRC). The CRC exam is administered three times a year and applications must be sent at least four months earlier.

You’ll become eligible to take the exam after the commission has reviewed your credentials and checked your legal and professional background. Once you’ve passed the check and exam, you’ll become a certified rehabilitation counselor in Michigan.

CRC exams are scheduled through prometric, at any of over 300 testing sites across United States and Canada. You can also see more information, especially on the upcoming deadlines here. In regard to the CRC Examination Fee – you’ll be required to send $385 alongside your application.

Important Steps on Application of Michigan Counselor Licensing

The process of applying to become a licensed counselor in Michigan has several steps: You can access the application form here

  • You’ll first need to have your finger prints submitted, either through L-1 identity solutions technology, or cogent applicant fingerprint registration systems. You must include the agency code for health professional licensing, which is 71734K
  • Make sure your school sends your transcripts to Michigan Board of Counseling
  • In the same manner, your certification of counseling education form must be directly submitted to the board.
  • Provide the required details on your professional disclosure form, which you’ll be giving to your clients. These concerns information such as your experience, training, practice and fees, as well as contact details for the purpose of regulation.
  • In case of a limited licensing, you must include your supervisor’s name on your disclosure statement. This must also be accompanied by your supervisor’s testimonial consenting to supervision.
  • You’ll be given a customer number from the third week following your application, so you can login to Michigan’s department of licensing website to track your application.

Application Fees

  • The current fee for counseling professional licensing in Michigan is $ 115. The fee for limited licensure currently stands at $ 85

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