Louisiana Counselor License Requirements

The state of Louisiana has a set of requirements that counseling professionals must fulfill before they can begin to practice. Aside from attaining a Master’s degree in counseling, you must have met supervised experience requirements and passed a mandatory exam as a proof of your comprehension of the occupation. Here are full requirements for Louisiana counselor license

General Requirements for Louisiana Counselor License

To attain the title of Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Louisiana, the below requirements must be met.

  • Attain a Masters of Counseling Degree from a CACREP or CORE accredited university.
  • Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs [CACREP]
  • Council on Counseling Rehabilitation [CORE], which is most relevant for rehabilitation counselors.
  • The undergraduate course takes 4 years while the graduate degree takes 5-6 years to complete.
  • As part of your graduate studies, one has to complete a practicum.
  • Do and pass a criminal background check.
  • Write a plan for your supervised experience step to the National Board of Certified Counselors [NBCC]. Once the NBCC accepts this plan, go on the next step.
  • To meet the Louisiana state License Requirements, all the required hours of supervised experience need to be accrued.
  • Apply to the Louisiana Professional Counselors Board of Examiners for the National Counselor Examination [NCE].The NBCC administers and grades these exams according to their grading systems.

Educational Requirements for Louisiana Counselor License

  • Attain a bachelor’s degree in Counseling. Though not the only option, this is the best option. Taking courses of highly related disciplines such as Social Work, Human Services or Psychology may also work.
  • Get an application filled and accepted into a CACREP accredited Master of Counseling Program.
  • Once accepted, one has to include practicum and practicum hours in the graduate program.
  • An internship then has to be completed.
  • For the said practicum, the below required times have to be accrued.

Minimum of 40 hours of working with mental health clients face-to-face. Of this time, one has to have at least an hour a week of individual supervision and about 1.5 hours of group supervision.

6.)  As for the internship,

A complete 120 hours of direct client contact must be accrued. Just as was with the practicum,  the same level of supervision must be included in the program.

Supervised Experience Requirements for Louisiana LPC

According to Louisiana law, to attain a Louisiana Counselor license and the title itself, one must attain the below requirements.

  • Take and pass a criminal background check.
  • Submit to the NBCC ones supervised experience plan.
  • Once the board has approved of this, one has to have supervised experience of about 3000 hours.
  • One has to complete all required experience after graduation. Of direct client counseling
  • As far as time is concerned. To be a licensed Professional Counselor in Louisiana, a total of three thousand hours should be invested. In that time, there should be 1,900 hours of direct client counseling.
  • As far as supervision goes, 50 hours of supervised experience must be under direct supervision while an additional 50 hours of supervision in group supervision.
  • For flexibility reasons, it is allowed to complete a maximum of 1000 hours performing counseling related activities which are not directly in contact to the client.
  • To beat having to do 1000 hours of supervised experience by doing post graduate course work at an exchange rate of 50 hours of course work being equivalent to 500 hours of supervised practice. Post graduate work takes about 7-8 years to complete.
  • Regardless of educational attainment. It is mandatory to always complete a minimum of 2000 hours of supervised experience.
  • All supervised experience must be completed in 2-7 years and not any period shorter or longer.

Applying and Taking Your NCE Exam

To attain a Louisiana Counselor License you have to sit for an exam. The exam is in the format of a 200 multiple choice question paper. Exam results are expected within 8 weeks of the date of taking the exam. The NBCC provides access to study guides for this exam.

  • Send an application to the Louisiana Professional Counselors Board of Examiners to take the National Counselor Examination [NCE]. The NBCC [National Board of Certified Counselors] administer these exams.
  • Get a score considered to be a pass under Louisiana Law on the exam

Applying for the Licensed Professional Counselor’s License

On passing the National Counselor Exams, applying for the full title of Licensed Professional Counselor should be the next step.

The application is sent to the Louisiana Professional Counselors Board of Examiners. On approval, you can then attain the title ‘Licensed Professional Counselor ‘.

Continuous Training and Education

After every two years, you’ll have to renew your Louisiana Counselor license. For this to happen, it is mandatory that a continuing education requirement be completed by that time. That is 40 hours of continuing education credits should be completed every two years.



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